Revolutionary GSD-method:applied linguistics for beginners-najava predavanja u Cardiffu,Velika Britanija, od 31.marta do 4.aprila 2009. na 43. međunarodnoj konfereciji IATEFL

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U NAJAVI: Velika Britanija, Cardiff, 31 March- 4th April 2009

43rd Annual International IATEFL conference:
Prof. Danijela Bojanić, „Britanicca School“Belgrade, Serbia


All beginner or elementary course books rely on student`s previous knowledge, opening with the whole sentences, question forms, dialogues- no introduction.
 Why is the linguistic order in language forgotten? How can linguistics be applied with absolute beginners?
Through 18 years of teaching, I developed the Gradual Skill-Developing method: teaching the language logically, not by mechanical repetition.
Learning any given language by heart is not possible. The first lesson cannot begin with common phrases and every-day sentences. The knowledge gained at beginner (elementary) course is the corner stone for further levels.
Opposite the linguistic order, which introduces phonetics, morphology and syntax, followed by gradual adoption of vocabulary and tense system- the course books usually go upside down.
Analysing a dozen of printed titles for primary, secondary and adult students, I couldn`t find that real beginning! There was always something to add in order to teach successfully. Over the years this “something” turned into a whole notebook.
I also understood that the students have poor knowledge of the grammar itself! So, instead of desperately trying to fill up the holes, I decided to introduce and compare Serbian and English grammar, before opening that Unit 1!
As a teacher and a founder of “Britanicca School” I made the first experimental groups in 2003, and from 2005 it became my regular practice. I applied and simplified linguistics introducing the IPA; parts of the speech and sentence structure - ahead the course book!
Principles of induction, pre-teaching and introducing the mother tongue are essential for this approach I named the Gradual Skill-Developing method.
It delivers all language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is applicable to all ESOL students, and the effects of the method up to 2008 are fantastic! More than 3000 secondary, academic and elder students found it eye-opening and amazing.